Dead Long Eared Bat

batFound dead on lawn West End Southampton UK (4th August 2017) and recorded for interest. A medium-sized bat, the Brown Long-eared Bat as with all British Bats they are nocturnal and feeding on midges, moths and other flying insects. They roost in holes in trees and loft voids in old buildings, and feed in gardens, along hedgerows, parks and in woodland. They hibernate over winter, between (November and April.)


Population estimate taken from UK Bat Conservation trust website if you like bats well worth looking at their site.

The population estimates are considered to be poor and should be treated with caution. Estimates are based on limited population data and are extrapolated from surveys of only part of the population

Country UK England Wales Scotland N.Ireland
Number 245,000 155,000 17,500 27,500 45,000
 Source  Harris et al. 1995  Harris et al. 1995  Harris et al. 1995 Russ 1999

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