The Russian cruiser Varyar

russian boat



The cruiser Varyag became famous for its defiance after being surrounded by Japanese battleships in 1904.The Varyag and another Russian gunboat were surrounded by 15 Japanese battleships at the Korean port of Chemulpo in January, 1904. The Japanese commander demanded that they surrender, but the Russian ships rejected the ultimatum. They engaged in battle, where they sustained serious damage. Out gunned the Russians scuttled the ships and were taken aboard by foreign vessels. The crew were later returned home to a heroes’ welcome in Russia.

memorial1.jpgmemorial ancormemorial2.jpg

In 1905 the Japanese recovered the vessel and it was used in their navy after being repaired. It was returned to Russia in 1916 and in 1917 the Varyag was sent to Britain for repairs. However, it was forgotten after the October Revolution and was eventually sold to Germany as a hulk in 1920. While being transported to Germany that the boat ran aground just off the coast in Carleton Bay.

The Varyag Memorial was unveiled  at Carleton Bay , Lendalfoot on the 30th of July 2006 and was attended by members of the Russian navy .

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