Hidden Beach, a day at the seaside


Seacliff is some 5 miles East of North Berwick. A private estate with access to the sea via a Toll Road.

T Castle

Tantallon Castle.

The Hidden sandy beach is well worth a visit. From the the beach you can see both Bass Rock and Tantallon Castle. (open to the public by Historic Scotland) You can also see in the woods the large remains of Seacliff House which was built in 1750, before being rebuilt in 1841 and extended in the 1850s. It burned down in 1907 and Auldhame Castle (no access to either).


Seacliff House


Auldhame Castle

On the North of the beach in the rocks you can see a tiny harbour that has been carved out of the rocks. This was constructed in 1890 by Andrew Laidley, the then laird, he used a steam engine and compressed air to cut the stone. It has been claimed that the harbour is Scotland’s smallest.

harbour entrance

harbourharbour channel

The rocks at the East end of the beach extend into the sea are are known as St Baldred’s Boat, whose presence is marked by a stone beacon surmounted by a cross.



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