Verne citadel


The Verne citadel is a Victorian military complex covering some 50 acres it is located on the the isle of Portland Dorset on the highest point at the top of Verne Hill, it sits in a commanding position overlooking the Harbour 500 ft above the sea.  Built between 1857-81, as Portland Harbour’s main defensive fortification naturally inaccessible from the north and east, the south and west sides were protected with the digging of a large ditch. The East Weare Battery below the eastern side of the Verne was considered part of the citadel’s outworks.I The citadel was designed with open gun emplacements on 3 sides. Its defensive role came to an end; by 1903 the citadel became an infantry barracks. During both World Wars the site was the Headquarters of Coast Artillery. During World War II, a Chain Home Low Radar set was installed within the citadel, and the main magazine was used as a hospital. The citadel was turned into a prison in 1949 and is still used by the prison service today and is not open to the public.


Just next to the citadel  and to the South is a high angle battery

link to a past visit


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