The great British fossil hunt

fossil hunt 5.jpg

fossil hunt 2.jpg

At Charmouth Lyme Bay Dorset,the beach and cliffs are part of the Jurassic Coast which is now a World Heritage Site which stretches over 90 miles of coast line between Dorset and Devon. The area is well suited to  fossil hunters as the beach is rich in fossils washed from the cliffs and foreshore.

fossil hunt.jpg

The rocks at Charmouth are about 190 million years in age which is predominantly from the early part of the Jurassic period. During which time this area lay beneath a warm, shallow sea, closer to the equator, approximately where North Africa resides today.

Today although the tide was on the way in I was able to do a little amateur fossil hunting and found a few small Ammonites. Charmouth has a small fossil shop and museum.

mine on left v shop on the right (cant win them all)

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