What a difference a day makes.


What a difference a day makes the rain has stopped and the sun has come out. The last time I visited Sandsford Castle in was unloved and overgrown. Investment has saved the site and works were undertaken in 2011.


notice boarded at the fort


The site today is Weymouth’s only scheduled monument and one of Henry VIII’s ‘Forts’. To be used in conjunction with Portland Castle, the whole of the Portland Harbour was able to be covered by the two fort’s guns, enabling protection of vital shipping routes and defend against possible attacks from the French and Spanish, a real threat at the time due to Henry VIII turning his back on Catholicism and forming the Protestant Church of England. The importance of the fort remained into the 17 century, being a Royalist stronghold during the Civil War that was eventually surrendered to the Parliamentary forces.


Castle Gardens (modern)

After the Civil War, Sandsfoot Castle gradually fell into ruin, and some fell into the sea.


view from castle to Portland

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