chambered long cairn’s

In Vale of Glamorgan South Wales and constructed some 6000 years ago, Tinksinwood Neolithic burial chamber held the bodies of over 50 individuals. At around 40 tons, the capstone is one of the largest in the UK.


Originally tomb would have been covered by an earthen mound. The outline of the mound with its external wall, along with the wide forecourt can be seen. This leads up to a single chamber where the bodies were found along with broken pottery and worked flint.Parts of the site were reconstructed following its excavation in 1914. A supporting pillar was inserted in the chamber and the external walls were re-clad using a distinctive herringbone pattern.

st ly.jpg

St Lythans is known locally as gwal-y-filiast – kennel of the greyhound bitch – another single stone chamber is all that remains of a once much larger burial monument. from the Neolithic period, St Lythans was also originally covered by an earthen mound, probably similar to its neighbour, Tinkinswood. The capstone here is about 35 tonnes. Human bones and pottery were recovered from the site some time before 1875.

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